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Robert Half Government specializes in the deployment of contractors in support of federal, state and local government agency clients and government contracting partners to support your mission and move key projects forward. Robert Half and its consulting practice, Protiviti – offer public sector clients access to contractors for project execution through our $5B staffing enterprise which can deliver IT, accounting & finance, administrative, legal and creative services; through our global consulting practice, Protiviti – we can deliver subject matter expertise in technology, business process improvement, risk and compliance, analytics, internal audit. The enterprise together offers a unique solution for projects – we combine the expertise in our consulting practice with the size of our staffing arm – to deliver a managed solution, offering both expertise and staffing flexibility.

For more information about Robert Half Government, contact Dustin McQuaide or Jack Batchelor or visit

Companies in North America face an array of complex recruiting and retention challenges today, from a persistent shortage of skilled talent available for hire, to heightened turnover, to the rapid rise of “anywhere working” and employees’ changing expectations about the nature of work.
Does your business need to hire a software developer? You should know the role has evolved in recent years, but the qualities of a great software developer remain the same. These pros should have top-notch programming skills, a laser focus on the project at hand and that dash of ingenuity that enables them to find elegant solutions to knotty problems.
Now more than ever, employers in virtually every industry want — and need — to hire cybersecurity professionals. Organizations require their skills to help keep sensitive data and systems safe from malicious hackers, defend an ever-expanding security perimeter, and comply with stringent regulatory mandates related to data security and privacy.
The trend toward remote and hybrid teams has created extra responsibilities for IT departments, many of which are expanding. As a result, the tech hiring market is hotter than ever. And when a tech recruiter is evaluating your resume, they often start by looking at your certifications.
Many of us had to re-learn the art of collaboration during the pandemic. True, teams adapted fast and found creative ways to stay organized, connected and engaged without in-person interactions. But with remote and hybrid work arrangements here to stay, you may need additional skills to take your team player credentials to the next level.
By Jorge Marquez, Senior Vice President, Robert Half
At Robert Half, making sure our employees feel valued, are compensated fairly and can advance in their careers are all vital measures to create a positive and productive work environment at our company. Others are taking notice of our efforts, too: Forbes has once again named Robert Half one of the World’s Best Employers. This is Forbes’ most prestigious global employer accolade.
Robert Half Named to Forbes’ List