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Launch Consulting is a digital transformation consulting firm that specializes in delivering impactful, engaging human experiences. Buoyed by a government consulting team with over 25 years of IT consulting experience for the State of California, Launch helps public-sector leaders make bold moves with confidence.

The digital transformation journey is unique to every company, municipality, agency, and State. Whether your next step is digitizing records and making them searchable, moving data and operations to the cloud, or devising a virtual customer service experience never seen before, Launch is ready to assist as you navigate from modernization to transformation.

Launch has offices in Roseville, CA and Bellevue, WA, and a global delivery team of over 700 people distributed across the U.S., Canada, Argentina, and India. With a focus on hiring bold, diverse, dynamic, and expert people across sectors and skillsets, you’ll be able to build the team of Navigators that enables you to transform the future of public service.

Note: Direct Technology’s Government Solutions Group became Launch’s Government Sector in 2022. Read more about the move here.

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Direct Technology is looking for a Business Analyst to join our Energy Solutions group for a Full-Time Role in our Roseville office.
Direct Technology is looking for a QA Engineer to join our Energy Solutions group for a Full-Time Role in our Roseville office.
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At Direct Technology, we’ve taken charge of dashboard analytics. Three of our major divisions—EcaTS, ESG, and Launch Consulting—have developed proprietary dashboards for a wide range of clients that work constantly and iteratively to provide information that impacts our customers’ organizations as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.
Most companies never expect to be the victims of a cyberattack. But ransomware is insidious and undiscerning, striking even the smallest, most unlikely victims. In fact, companies lost almost $1 billion to ransomware last year.