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California State Treasurer's Office

The five largest buys of IT services by the State Treasurer’s Office in 2023 included $4.8 million for the conversion of a financial system from on-premises to the cloud.
The State Treasurer’s Office is seeking to hire a chief information security officer, and the Department of Motor Vehicles needs a senior data analyst for its Digital eXperience Platform.
The California State Treasurer’s Office and the Office of Legislative Counsel are seeking experienced technologists to fill these specialized roles.
ODI is recruiting for a lead platform engineer for data, and the Treasurer’s Office is seeking a manager for the Application Support Section.
CalPERS said it had mailed letters Thursday to 769,000 members explaining that they would be offered two years membership in a credit monitoring and identity restoration service. CalSTRS said it was sending out letters this week to roughly 415,000 people who were affected.
The state office is partnering with an IT company to streamline aspects of its existing processes.
The State Treasurer’s Office and the Employment Development Department seek candidates with management skills and technological expertise.
The longtime state executive has been elevated to a key role in her former department’s parent agency, the California Government Operations Agency. She was sworn in Monday.
“I believe that FI$Cal will continue to push the envelope and lead the way for California government entities in the adoption and use of modern technologies, systems and practices,” says Miriam Ingenito, director of the Financial Information System for California.
Kumar Sah joins the Sacramento web services company after holding a series of increasingly responsible roles in state government. His most recent position with the state was deputy chief information officer for the State Treasurer’s Office.
Bringing all remaining state agencies and departments into the state’s accounting and budget system means robotic process automation and end-user training will offer key opportunities for vendors to help.
Here’s a look at where one state entity, the California State Treasurer’s Office, spent some of the federal Coronavirus Relief Funds it received with technology and innovation companies.