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Cisco has pioneered the development of networking technologies for more than 30 years. Increasingly, we deliver our technology and services to our customers as integrated solutions including cloud, video, mobility, security, collaboration, and analytics.

Our products and solutions connect people, processes, data, and things in meaningful ways and are the foundation of the next wave of digital transformation. Digital transformation enables countries, cities, industries, and businesses to develop new models, deliver better customer experiences and create new revenue streams and operating models to drive efficiency and value.

Together with our ecosystem of partners and developers, these new capabilities are creating unprecedented opportunities for our customers—creating jobs, making cities smarter, and enhancing healthcare and education systems—changing the way the world works, lives, plays, and learns.

at the Sheraton Grand Hotel
Governments and their leaders gained newfound insights into the importance of connectivity in 2020.
Access to reliable, secure, high-speed, quality internet service is a “human right” for everyone on the planet. Much like having access to clean water and affordable energy, access to quality broadband is a necessity to help bridge the social, economic, and digital divide of our citizens.
How the convergence of security and networking is accelerating government agencies journey to the cloud.
How can businesses optimize for today’s needs while remaining flexible for tomorrow’s uncertainties?
Here are seven strategies to support the future of hybrid work.
We’ve all seen how the pandemic has changed the way state and local governments work and how they’re delivering services to the people of their communities. We’ve also watched as it accelerated changes in the public sector workplace, impacting which technologies are adopted—and how they’re used—the effects of which will be felt for decades. People call it the “next normal” but the truth is it’s long overdue. The future of work is now here.
A new operating model is emerging for state and local government leaders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s transforming the delivery of citizen services and engagement in ways that will accelerate resiliency in government. It will also help government attract, support, and retain the next generation of workers. But what changes will it bring and how can you prepare?
Making the transition to a hyper-distributed cloud environment requires technology leaders to embrace a new approach to IT management. Here are four strategies that can operationalize a cloud smart environment for governments, their workforce and their constituents.
Cloud technologies have definitely proven their value to the public sector over the last 18 months. Agile and powerful, the cloud offers governments the ability to innovate at scale while leveraging existing infrastructure to affordably modernize government IT. But things are just heating up for the future of cloud. As current cloud strategies become proven, they’ll need to evolve into something new – a “Future Cloud” approach.
Join Government Technology and Cisco on August 12 at 11am PT/2pm ET: With the rise of hybrid work, cloud traffic continues to soar as users access applications from anywhere and at any time. Government IT teams need to identify a new approach to control and secure users, apps, devices and data. In 2019, Gartner introduced the concept of secure access service edge (SASE), which combines networking and security functions in the cloud. Moving to SASE is about accelerating your journey to the cloud. That journey looks different for everyone and you need the flexibility to get there your way.
Discover the future of firewall, SD-WAN, and zero trust. This event will share the latest developments from the largest security vendor in the world.
You are invited to a Cisco Next Generation Endpoint Test Drive Hands-On Lab on April 24th from 9:00 – 4:00; RSVP to
Accelerate your cloud migration and deliver enterprise-grade performance monitoring for your apps with AppD and AWS.
Real-time transaction visibility builds you a more dynamic CMDB. Learn how a combination of ServiceNow and AppDynamics integrate to make user-impacting events can appear in your ServiceNow dashboards, identifying and resolving problems faster. Make ITSM and Event Management processes application aware in real time. A conversation on creating digital experiences that differentiate and drive business impact.
In the era of the customer, one of the most powerful competitive differentiators is providing superior digital experiences. But with rising complexity and customer expectations, digital transformations have become more challenging than ever. Keeping up with customer needs requires an application and business performance management platform that can provide team focus, speed, and agility—even in today’s distributed, multi-cloud environments.