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City of Long Beach

The city of Long Beach will soon be releasing a request for proposals for the replacement of its on-premises legacy Enterprise Land Management solution.
Amid a “substantial need for my contributions to the Long Beach Utilities Department” following a cyber incident Nov. 15, Paula Crowell, its manager of Information Services, will stay with the city.
The Southern California port city continues to grapple with a Nov. 14 network security incident. It declared a local emergency on Nov. 17, and on Wednesday it announced the restoration of a few services.
Members of the Long Beach City Council approved the city manager’s push for emergency powers to help the city respond to a cyber incident that struck its systems Tuesday.
The municipal chief information officer will join the city in December from Long Beach Utilities, where she is manager of Information Services.
The city of Long Beach has released a new tool for the police department to help connect at-risk individuals with resources to keep them from becoming unnecessarily involved within the criminal justice system.
The Long Beach Collaboratory has been created to provide a new form of citizen engagement where residents can be chosen to join collaborative teams to identify technology pilot projects for their neighborhoods.
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