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Dedicated to making technology a force for social good in government

At City Innovate, we’re truly mission-driven. Our people are passionate about procurement, contracts, and grants—functions that are essential to making government a force for social good. Our work helps millions of people get what they need from government agencies every day: to update their drivers’ licenses, access healthcare, and vaccines, or apply for low-income housing and other services. We get up every day and go to work knowing that what we do really matters.

  • The company is structured as a public benefit corporation so we can focus on maximizing our impact in the government sector
  • 60% of our team previously worked in government, many in procurement or technology-acquisition roles
  • Everyone at City Innovate shares the belief that government should be a force for social good
Accelerating Emergency Response Times Thru Modernizing Procurement
Webinar OverviewJoin former State Government Leaders Marlon Paulo and Kelley Dorning in a virtual roundtable discussion as they unveil the secrets to a remarkable 70% reduction in procurement timelines. Discover how top agencies, including the California Department of Motor Vehicles, bid farewell to time-consuming manual processes involving Microsoft Word, Excel, and desktop tools, and harnessed the transformative power of City Innovate's cutting-edge Document Process Automation™.
Refining the California COVID Reporting System (CCRS)
The government budget process is competitive. Agencies are competing for a limited amount of funding, which means they must be able to make a strong case for why their program should be funded. Political factors can also come into play, requiring agencies to build support for their solution among key stakeholders, such as the governor, legislature, and special interest groups.
With many states facing budget shortfalls and a freeze on spending, agencies more than ever need to control their spend management per the Budget Letter, a necessity for all governments regardless of their financial situation. However, existing processes and technologies need to meet these stringent requirements. City Innovate has managed over 15 billion dollars of government spending on critical goods and services, developing deep expertise in helping agencies best manage budgets to serve their constituents.
In July 2021, Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill 156 into law to bring equitable high-speed broadband service to more Californians. The law leveraged over $3B in federal American Rescue Plan funding, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to bring internet connectivity to millions of homes, businesses, and community organizations across California who don’t have access to high-speed, reliable internet. In 2020, two million California households (15%) – many in low-income, rural, and tribal communities – did not have broadband access. The State’s Department of Technology, which has an annual budget of $500 million was tasked with creating a team, workflows, and oversight to effectively manage this enormous influx of funding to ultimately lay over 1,500 miles of fiber optic cable underground.
Jayne is a Procurement Analyst with the State of CA. She is responsible for getting necessary services and products into the hands of underserved populations that desperately need them, fast.
The City Innovate GenAI RFX Accelerator is a purpose-built solution designed to simplify and speed up the creation of acquisition requirements, a known challenge in SAF/AT&L procurement. Trained on over 12 million government RFPs and built in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), this solution ensures robustness and scalability. The City Innovate GenAI Accelerator for RFX was the recent recipient of an Air Force contract (AFWERX Phase 1 SBIR award), validating our commitment to meeting Federal government needs with innovative technology solutions.
Our AI-powered tool, trained on 12 million+ government RFPs and developed with AWS, streamlines the creation of technology procurement documents for government agencies, enabling swift articulation of requirements and detailed contract deliverables.
This article emphasizes the importance of government procurement in California, constituting approximately 10% of the state's GDP. As tax revenues are expected to decline, the article underscores the need to enhance procurement practices through innovation and digital transformation, aiming to do more with limited resources while tackling intricate issues and benefiting the lives of millions of residents.
Learn more about the game-changing collaboration between City Innovate and ServiceNow for procurement and contract management.