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California Department of Education

A report issued last fall mentions opportunities to use AI for tutoring, summarization and personalized content generation, but it also labels education a risky use case.
The California Department of Education’s five largest transactions for IT goods during the year’s first six months included data tracking, switches and search and analytics.
Gov. Gavin Newsom hasn’t signed the new state budget yet, but as approved by lawmakers, it contains considerable funding for departmental IT projects.
Transparency, flexibility and mutual trust are key but typically, adjusting to hybrid work is not a one-size-fits-all venture, panelists said at the recent California Public Sector CIO Academy.
The positions are in the California Department of Education, the California State Lottery and the California Department of Transportation.
Positions are open in departments dealing with education, transportation, health and public procurement.
The California Department of Education and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services are seeking qualified applications for these key positions.
The laws are among those approved by Gov. Gavin Newsom at the end of the recent legislative session.
Available positions include data services and platform lead, IT administrator, principal data architect and senior data warehouse specialist.
The information that could have been accessed may have included first and last names, Social Security numbers and other data elements linked to those connected with Napa Valley College.
California’s new state budget supports significant technology initiatives in lower education.
The proposed laws would address what digital equity means to the state and its residents and could provide funding to educators and technologists alike.
Legislators this session are proposing bills that would expand and clarify the uses for blockchain and cryptocurrency.
State legislators have proposed laws that could alter the process and procurement of IT projects, generate digital equity in education and highlight the importance of cybersecurity.
Passed by the Senate and being read in committee for the state Assembly, a new bill aims to create a statewide program in the California Department of Education to assess the needs of local schools and train teachers on technology.
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