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Dallas County

The county commissioners court decided on a Tyler Tech product in 2020, but since the 2022 roll out, the results include longer incarcerations, large extra expenditures and layers of problems within the local criminal justice system.
Council officials have backed a proposal to create a regional technology corridor stretching from Dallas to Fort Worth.
The county currently accepts payments from major credit and debit cards, electronic checks, and Automated Clearing House originations.
Catherine Maras, a longtime CIO and an exec at Fortium Partners, will temporarily serve the county.
A report presented by Gartner to the Commissioners Court found an excess of $11 million in spending, a disempowered IT staff and critical staffing gaps.
This is the latest in a string of mishaps and technical problems for the county.
One county has created a CTO position; the other continues to be down a CIO but has advertised for an assistant director.
Officials say they are investigating what stolen data is personal and private. The group Play has claimed responsibility for the hack.
After a Dallas County cyber breach, a county commissioner says the government needs to fill the position, which has been vacant more than three months.
Hackers breached county computers Oct. 19, according to the county judge, but he didn’t confirm the attack’s extent.
Dallas County Health and Human Services is continuing to enhance the public health platform that it centralized several years ago to monitor and improve the health of county residents and prepare for any future health crises.
Dallas County’s Environmental Health Division requires a new case management system to help digitize thousands of paper inspections each year.
The tax office is looking to replace all equipment with new hardware and turnkey software systems.
“I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but I want to make sure people understand where we are at,” Budget Officer Ronica Watkins said. “I don’t have good numbers.”
Employees and vendors have gone unpaid or inaccurately compensated for months due to the county’s faulty payroll software system.
The county has struggled for more than two months with ongoing technical issues to pay all of its vendors and 6,800 employees.
County data indicates that prolonged wait times for inmates in jail, inaccurate information and curtailed access to the jail data system have contributed to the growing county jail population.
She announced her move to the fast-growing city via LinkedIn.
The county plans to leverage drones and robotic technology to enhance public safety and make the government more efficient.
As a result, hundreds of court-appointed attorneys and contractors have not been paid in six weeks.
The city works to restore all systems as the region’s IT leaders follow developments.
The sale of thousands of computers contained criminal justice data from the sheriff’s office and potentially information from other departments.
At least 13 homicide cases are impacted by the digital evidence lost from city of Dallas police data.
The second-largest appraisal district is back online after a November attack, but lacks some services and data while tax season gets closer.
Here's what you need to know about how the appraisal district works and what's affected.
The second-largest county's property search website was offline Friday.
The two entities want to spend federal funds to increase connectivity.