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Darren Nielsen

Darren Nielsen is the former lead editor for Industry Insider — Texas.

Several departments teamed up to produce a digital assistant for Texans.
During the third quarter of the year, 201 purchases were made from 45 vendors.
The storage technology expert has moved from Northern California to North Texas.
New headquarters complex will consist of 12 buildings.
IT leader takes questions from Industry Insider — Texas members at event in Austin.
Industry Insider — Texas hosted a member event last week in Austin.
The new version will port the existing one and offer more features and a better user experience.
The engineers work across multiple teams to create and maintain automated applications to serve customers’ evolving needs.
Texas tech leaders will be honored for outstanding work next month, and there’s still time to vote — not much, though.
The software can automatically track health-care licensing, certificates and more.
In 1951, when some Americans were considering building bomb shelters, this agency was created to work with the federal government for civil defense.
Overall, the agency spent $1.12 million on tech purchases in that time period.
Gear would be used for high-quality evidence-admissible video and audio recording of traffic stops, criminal acts and surveillance activities.
The effort will focus on unserved and underserved broadband areas across Texas.
Industry Insider — Texas' Member Briefing to feature CIO from Texas commission that administers program.
The agency employs about 12,000 and has a budget of almost $15 billion for 2022-23.
An ambitious multiyear series of upgrades is looking well into the future for technology needs.
Two career opportunities are listed for department based in Austin.
IT leaders discuss priorities, challenges at Industry Insider — Texas event in Austin.
Industry Insider — Texas hosted a member event last week in Austin.
The move comes after 16 years working in various roles for the state.
Other goals include engaging augmented support services to stabilize the BI tools.
Overall, it spent $57.7 million on all such purchases in that time period.
Progress will require a data strategy, partnerships and cooperation.
Teams would be deployed as needed wherever there is an emergency.
The public’s changing expectations of government, a new crop of public-sector leaders, and a loosening of procurement regulations will drive change as government technology matures, one industry expert asserts.
The Austinite brings years of network engineering experience to his new role.
The money will go toward establishing a permanent operations and maintenance facility.
Tests will include a social engineering campaign to use email-based techniques to mimic phishing attempts.
Overall, the commission spent $3.9 million on all such purchases in that time period.