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California Department of Justice

The roles include zSystems Services manager, data manager, section chief and digital forensic investigator.
The recruitments are being done by the California Department of Justice, the California Highway Patrol and the Office of Data and Innovation.
Recruitments by state departments include project director, benefit solutions architect, manager and chief.
The California Highway Patrol has partnered with Flock Safety to install about 480 high-tech cameras in Oakland and on state freeways in the East Bay to combat crime and roadway violence.
Here are some of the more interesting procurements in the pipeline across all levels of California government.
The California Department of Justice has issued an RFI for a licensing system replacement in the hopes of engaging vendors following an RFQ that failed to garner bids.
Last year the FCC sought to crack down on what it called illegal telemarketing calls coming from overseas, pressuring Internet telecommunications companies to stop the traffic or face fines and penalties.
In addition to the California Department of Technology, state entities dealing with public-sector retirement, justice and taxes are seeking candidates for key positions in technology.
The California Department of Justice spent $12,917,692 from July 1 through Sept. 30 on licenses, renewals and a tool that’s used in the extraction and purification of DNA.
Positions in recruitment include assistant division chief, bureau director and enterprise project management officer. Two of the roles are Career Executive Assignments, and two are for IT Manager II candidates.
The positions in recruitment include cybersecurity and fraud architect, procurement and contracts manager, and manager of communications and applications.
The California Department of Justice is seeking a bureau director, and the California Air Resources Board is seeking to fill two bureau chief positions.
The state published the 2023-2024 Budget Act earlier this week and, if approved by lawmakers, it will fund IT projects at the Department of Social Services, the Department of Motor Vehicles and other state entities.
The roles that need to be filled are chief technology officer, strategy and product manager, and procurement and contract manager.
The department’s five largest purchases of IT goods during the first quarter of the year totaled just under $8 million and included license renewals, software solutions and work stations.
The California Department of Justice has submitted a budget change proposal as part of this year’s state budgetary process that would enable it to do more to “prosecute antitrust violations within the gas and oil, technology, and agricultural sectors.”
Agencies seeking candidates for these openings include the California Department of Justice, the Department of Community Services and Development, and the Financial Information System for California.
Proposed legislation this session would further refine state laws on privacy and personal information, on emergency response and on body-worn cameras. That is, if it passes.
An inquiry commissioned by the California Department of Justice found that lack of training, poor oversight and inadequate policies and procedures were factors in the disclosure.
The California Department of Justice recently launched a new online portal that gives survivors of sexual assault a way to track the status of the DNA evidence kits associated with their cases.
Frames and fans, maintenance renewal, and hardware and software were among this department’s largest buys in Q3, down significantly from the previous quarter of 2022.
The laws are among those approved by Gov. Gavin Newsom at the end of the recent legislative session.
Power supplies, keyboards, identity management and technical support were among the department’s purchases.
The personal data of at least 242,727 people who applied for a permit between 2011 and 2021, including at least 140 current or former judges, was made available.
The data was exposed when the Department of Justice updated its Firearms Dashboard Portal on Monday, state Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office said in a statement.
Since 1965, the state of California has maintained a list of adults who are credibly believed to have abused children. But according to a new report by the state auditor’s office, the database is completely unreliable.
Six key state departments are seeking managers and specialists for oversight roles. Three of these are branch chief recruitments within one department.
In a recent budget change proposal, the California Department of Justice seeks money from the General Fund to modify IT systems around the use of “X” as “an individual’s nonbinary descriptor.”
The California Department of Justice, the Department of Technology and the Department of Motor Vehicles are seeking candidates for a variety of leadership roles.
It’s far from a final approved act, but Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed 2022-2023 Fiscal Year state budget would spend millions to continue existing technology initiatives and begin new projects.
The Financial Information System for California has named a new chief information officer, a new chief information security officer and a new chief deputy director, filling key vacancies on Director Miriam Barcellona Ingenito’s management team.
The future of remote state work is taking shape as departments hammer out permanent policies and Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration negotiates with unions. But how much will workers be monitored at home?
Candidates are sought by the California Employment Development Department, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the California Department of Public Health, the state Department of Justice and the California Department of Technology.
Steve Kustin rejoined the Sacramento Municipal Utility District four months ago. As he conducts a “listening” tour with his 70 team members, he has five specific goals. And there are vendor opportunities on the horizon.
The departments seek candidates for roles including principal platform engineer, project director, data and analytics manager, and section manager.
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