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California Department of Social Services

The California Department of Social Services has a very full plate, with several major IT projects at various stages.
The unauthorized individuals had access to users’ personal information, including their name, address, date of birth, part or all of their Social Security number, email address, phone number, EBT card number and other information about their program eligibility and benefits.
California Department of Social Services CIO Chad Crowe and Gregory Nelson, the information security and privacy officer, will be speaking Thursday about the department’s IT governance and current projects in this exclusive Industry Insider — California event.
The California Department of Social Services’ chief information officer, Chad Crowe, and the chief information security and privacy officer, Gregory Nelson, will talk about their department’s IT plans.
Recruitments are underway for chief roles in the California Fair Political Practices Commission, the California Department of Social Services and the California Department of State Hospitals.
The work on the California Statewide Automated Welfare System will be done in two parts. Together, the two contracts represent $786,502,412 over seven years and up to $1,332,008,560 over 11 years for the work.
The Office of Energy Infrastructure Safety seeks a chief information officer, and the Department of Social Services is recruiting for a senior project leader.
Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed $291.5 billion state budget for the 2024-2025 fiscal year brings a small cut to the California Department of Social Services but would also fund several technology projects in various stages.
Several state entities are already underway on technology modernizations and could seek additional funding during the 2024-2025 fiscal year budget cycle starting next month, as officials confront California’s estimated $68 billion budget deficit.
As state and local IT leaders told Industry Insider in its regular One-on-One interview series, they’re continuing to move to the cloud and harden surfaces against bad actors — while taking important steps in AI and in closing the digital divide.
One of the recruitments by the California Department of Social Services is for a manager; the other three are for data engineer, technical lead and developer/administrator.
Among its technology endeavors, the California Department of Social Services on Friday announced the launch of ebtEDGE, a new solution available via app and portal, to harden state benefits such as CalFresh and CalWORKs against bad actors.
California has a long way to go before state workers are driving all-electric cars and trucks.
The recruitments are being conducted by the Employment Development Department, the Office of the Secretary of State and the Department of Social Services.
The California Department of Social Services, California Correctional Health Care Services and Riverside County are among the state and local entities in the early stages of technology projects.
Contracts included leadership training, research and software maintenance and support. The five largest buys of IT services from July 1 through Sept. 30 totaled $3,650,548.
Government entities in the early stages of technology projects include the state General Services and Social Services departments, the city of Fresno and the consolidated city-county of San Francisco.
California’s new $310.8 billion state budget, signed Tuesday by Gov. Gavin Newsom, remains to be refined this summer in budget trailer bills — but already includes many millions for IT work in broadband, child welfare and education.
Fraud detection service and laptops were among the five largest purchases of IT goods by the Department of Social Services.
The state published the 2023-2024 Budget Act earlier this week and, if approved by lawmakers, it will fund IT projects at the Department of Social Services, the Department of Motor Vehicles and other state entities.
The funding sought would enable the California departments of Public Health and Social Services to move ahead with significant technology work with the potential for statewide impact.
As part of Industry Insider — California’s ongoing efforts to educate readers on state agencies, their IT plans and initiatives, here’s the latest in our periodic series of interviews with departmental IT leaders.
A budget ask from the California Department of Social Services would enable it and partners to continue implementing and supporting the Statewide Automated Welfare System, meant to bring all 58 counties together.
“I’ve heard great things about the teams that I’ll be leading, and I look forward to working together on key projects and helping them grow to meet their personal and professional goals,” he told Industry Insider — California.
Recruitments are ongoing by the Department of Human Resources, the Department of Social Services and the Department of Motor Vehicles.
He’s an award-winning veteran of the public and private sectors with a background in engineering and security, and he looks forward to expanding the state’s recruitment and retention of top talent.
Signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, the new bills have likely significance to governments and technology companies alike.
The recruitments are being conducted by the California Department of Social Services, the Employment Development Department and the California Energy Commission.
It isn’t a precise accounting of exactly when and where the state’s monies will be spent, but the new bill is one of several that document how and where California’s human services spend may connect to technology and innovation during this fiscal year.
Recruitments include unit and section chiefs, principal enterprise architect and solutions development manager.
The positions are in the California Department of Social Services and the California High-Speed Rail Authority.
The new bill is one of several that illustrate how the state may spend money on technology and innovation in coming months.
Veteran technology leader Chad Crowe, who's served as the chief information officer for the California Department of Human Resources since 2008, said his new role “is a great fit for me and what I'm passionate about.”
The veteran state executive succeeds Dan Kalamaras as OSI chief. The office is part of the California Health and Human Services Agency, of which Dondro is also agency information officer.
“One thing that struck me, as I talk to the team and meet everyone, there are a lot of team members that have been part of CDCR for many years, which I think speaks to the level of commitment of the organization’s leadership and support for the team,” Richard Gillespie told Industry Insider — California.
The five top buys of the California Department of Social Services in the first quarter of 2022 were for workstations, laptops, tablets, consulting and licensing.
California, Colorado, Louisiana and Connecticut have committed to partner with Code for America’s recently launched Safety Net Innovation Lab in the first of three phases to help transform how such services are delivered to the public.
One entity is recruiting for a senior vice president of policy. Other open roles include assistant chief security officer and data architect.
Patrick Dennis told attendees at a recent Techwire Member Briefing that his department is focused on data as a way to operate more efficiently while enhancing public access to the state’s 279 park properties.
The California Department of Social Services and the Department of Cannabis Control have begun recruitments for deputy directors who will also serve as chief information officers.
One department is recruiting for a deputy director over IT. Other entities are seeking cloud architects and a senior network systems analyst.
The future of remote state work is taking shape as departments hammer out permanent policies and Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration negotiates with unions. But how much will workers be monitored at home?
State departments with open tech positions include the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the Office of Systems Integration, the Department of Social Services, the Department of Technology and the State Water Resources Control Board.
According to the job posting, the architect “serves as the cloud solutions architecture lead at the mastery level in the evaluation and selection of technology standards/governance processes to ensure cloud solutions are aligned with CDSS strategic goals and objectives.”
Among the IT positions in recruitment by state departments are a chief, a cybersecurity architect, a network architect and a chief information officer.
Responsibilities of the position include setting objectives and goals and establishing workload priorities; securing equipment and training as needed by staff; and establishing performance metrics, workload tracking and other measures to inform the decision-making process.
Prerna Mahajan told Techwire: “I’m super excited about my new role to collaboratively work with multidisciplinary teams across CDSS, control agencies and stakeholders to provide effective project management and deliver innovative solutions to better serve the lives of Californians.”
The senior engineer and release manager for the Office of Systems Integration will work internally and with other entities on a large child-welfare project involving the state, the 58 counties and tribes.
Several bills signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom would provide funding for technology modernization and bring some additional oversight.
Departments with noteworthy tech openings include the departments of Technology, Public Health and Social Services.