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Texas Health and Human Services Commission

Terrell State Hospital is the latest psychiatric hospital replacement project in the state after HHSC’s grand opening of the $305 million Austin State Hospital and the $357 million San Antonio State Hospital.
This procurement has the potential of multiple contracts and is made on behalf of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.
A single contractor will be chosen to develop and support a provider finance reporting system to replace the Health and Human Services Commission's current system.
HHSC spent more than $20 million combined with Deloitte, Conduent and SAP National Security Services in April.
The requested solution must allow the Department of State Health Services to collect claims data submitted in batch files and perform pre-processing audits.
The commission previously released a solicitation in January for the cloud migration of Texas' electronic benefit transfer system.
A qualified contractor has been requested to develop, manage, implement, test and maintain a secure cloud fax solution that is highly available, scalable and available as software as a service.
The Health and Human Services Commission was the top spender in this category, which includes computer programming, website design and programming, and some staffing.
HHSC is seeking an authorized dealer of CORES products on behalf of the Department of State Health Services.
This year’s report includes summaries of high-dollar efforts, many spearheaded in the 88th legislative session.
Proposed systems must be single-source, vendor-hosted, cloud-based software-as-a-service solutions.
The request for offers seeks contractors to develop, manage, implement, test and maintain a secure cloud fax solution that is highly available, scalable and available as software as a service.
The Texas Health and Human Services Commission wants to hear from vendors who are able to provide and support mandatory safety surveillance of certain facilities.
Of the three, DIR spent the most on IT-specific purchases, while TxDOT’s largest expenditure appears to be with a built infrastructure firm.
The commission plans to publish a consolidated e-Health record request for offers in March, and the request will cover more than two dozen facilities.
The requested solution must be configurable to meet the commission’s business needs and have processing capabilities, enhanced reviewing features, comprehensive reporting, advanced production capabilities and the ability to handle large data quantities.
The agency is seeking a subscription on behalf of the Department of Family and Protective Services.
This short video overview examines, among other things, what moves the public sector is making in the midst of AI discussions and modernization efforts.
The agency spent about $193 million in IT-related purchases in the fourth quarter of 2023.
The requested subscription must provide guidelines in a variety of health-care settings based on industry health-care standards supported by references and citations.
The anticipated procurement for the WIC community's EBT cloud transition will soon be underway.
A qualified contractor has been requested to develop, manage, implement, test and maintain a secure cloud fax solution that is highly available, scalable and available as software as a service.
Industry Insider — Texas’ One-on-One interview series has featured state and local government leaders throughout the year. Here are five tech leaders making a statewide impact on people and IT.
Collected here is a roundup of our AI-related coverage in 2023, including expert insights, events and agency use cases.
Health and Human Services CIO Ricardo Blanco and IBM Global Consulting Leader for Trustworthy AI Phaedra Boinodiris met at a Government Technology event to discuss responsible AI policies.
The commission previously issued a pre-solicitation notice to migrate the state’s Electronic Benefit Transfer system to the cloud.
The Health and Human Services pages, partly a response to a new law, point those seeking help and their advocates to agencies and legal information.
The social services agency spent $24.9 million in the IT services product category during October.
The agency has published a pre-solicitation to migrate the benefits system for WIC recipients, a project set for the coming year.
The Office of the Inspector General audits human processes, systems and IT to ensure they are compliant, efficient and properly managed by social and health services agencies.
This money is part of a larger grant from the CDC and will be used to modernize data practices and inform response to drug overdose and related deaths.
The Direct Care Careers website matches employers and prospective employees based on criteria set by registered users, such as location, expertise and personal preferences.
A vendor contracting with the state health agency reported a breach to the Office of the Attorney General and has notified those impacted.
The Health and Human Services Commission and its agencies, the Health and Specialty Care System and the Department of State Health Services, are looking to consolidate their electronic health records.
According to three state-level CIOs, areas in need of modernization include broadband, mainframe, applications and cybersecurity.
CIOs from the HHSC, TxDOT, TxDMV and CapMetro discussed AI and how it could be used to automate their departments during a recent Industry Insider forum.
The State of Technology: Texas Industry Forum has a robust speaker lineup that will discuss technology implications of the state budget and recent legislation.
The job would entail gathering, compiling, analyzing, tracking and drafting functional and technical requirements for complex IT systems and overseeing major IT procurements.
Second-quarter IT spending hit more than $134.9 million for the state’s Health and Human Services Commission.
The Texas Health and Human Services Commission seeks to fill two leadership positions and hire an enterprise architect.
HHSC Commissioner Cecile Erwin Young was awarded during the Texas Digital Government Summit for her tenure in serving the state and its residents.
The state's health and welfare agency needs a new fax solution and software licensing.
The Health and Human Services Commission’s biennial budget will likely include $394 million for continuing MMIS modernization and upkeep.
The department’s five largest purchases of IT goods during the first quarter totaled just under $60 million. Specific buys included computer, IT and contracted services.
Recently approved budget documents estimate the state’s 2024-2025 budget will total $302.7 billion. With that comes a lot of money for state agencies to purchase and upgrade tech.
The largest agency in the state has a $1.7 billion IT budget and multiple tech projects in various stages.
The agency has been deliberating ending the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and will need to address all aspects, including data and IT needs.
The HHS Office of the Inspector General outlined rates of return for upgrading IT, impacting investigations and audits.
The State's Health and Human Services Commission has published a pre-solicitation notice indicating that another large project is in the pipeline.
As part of Industry Insider — Texas’ ongoing efforts to educate readers on state agencies, their IT plans and initiatives, here’s the latest in our periodic series of interviews with departmental IT leaders.
Roughly 42 percent of the money was spent by three state agencies; 10,392 purchase orders were completed.
As part of the state budget process, agencies submitted strategic planning and Legislative Appropriations Requests over the past year.
The department’s five largest transactions in this area that month amounted to eight figures.
During a recent event, state leaders discussed the pandemic pivot to remote work and changes since.
She elaborated on how the agency must be responsive not only to citizen stakeholders but federal oversight as well.
Texas’ annual IT Leadership Forum awards recognize outstanding public-sector IT leaders from across state agencies.
Several large awards were made in Texas during the yearly spending.
IT leader takes questions from Industry Insider — Texas members at event in Austin.
The software can automatically track health-care licensing, certificates and more.
Thursday’s live event will feature Ricardo Blanco, chief information officer for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.
Industry Insider — Texas' Member Briefing to feature CIO from Texas commission that administers program.
Two career opportunities are listed for department based in Austin.
Deloitte Consulting led the list with just over $8 million in services for this agency, which directly helps 7 million Texans per month.
Next month’s members-only event in Austin will feature the chief information officers of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
The Air Force veteran, who joined state government as an information security manager, is now a deputy chief information officer.
In addition to working in public-sector IT, he is a nonprofit board member.
The contractor will be expected to provide multiple services for pharmacists and patients.
The commission also details ways in which technology can help it achieve its vision — a good road map for those in the industry who serve the public sector.
The solution will use the electronic discovery reference model to help identify, collect, preserve, process, review, analyze and produce large amounts of electronically stored information.
The service is available to Texans 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.
The goal is to serve as a comprehensive resource for Texas families, including expectant mothers, new parents and families at all stages of life.